T-REX SERVICES BVBA has obtained the license number 16.1181.07 from the Federal Public Service for Home Affairs for the operation of a security company.
For every transport in Belgium by road longer than 30m, wider than 3m50, higher than 4m80 or heavier than 90 tons, one needs guidance with specially equipped escort vehicles.

We have a perfectly equipped fleet of escort vehicles that meet the standards of Belgian and foreign legislation. We provide guidance throughout Europe and therefore have the right partners in each country to bring your transport to a successful conclusion. For Belgium and France our supervisors have obtained the necessary qualifications and here we can offer you the perfect service. Our escort vehicles have also been adapted with the latest signage and latest sophisticated navigation systems so that we can perfectly follow up on all orders and forward them to the relevant supervisor.

Furthermore, the handling of large exceptional transports is certainly not foreign to our supervisors.

We are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The knowledge and training of our employees are constantly being refined because service is our top priority.

With some large transports, we are forced to do “route research” in advance, where we also employ specially experienced people in our company to do this. It is very important that we decide, in consultation with the customer, whether this applies to their transport or not. With our extensive database of travel routes we can give the customer the right advice.

Click here for the summary table for escorts of exceptional transport.